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The Rotiboy vision is to be an outstanding global brand that touches the lives of all the people in the world through our products, services and values.


  • To provide Rotiboy Family members a comfortable income and conducive environment for families to grow, develop and to contribute to company and community.
  • To make a difference to our Customers, by providing a high standard warm and personal service.
  • To produce our Products conscientiously in the most efficient manner to ensure lowest costs, least wastages but with highest standard of safety, hygiene and quality.
  • To fully support our Business Partners, being with them every step of the way, sharing all challenges and rewards.
  • To be Nature Friendly in all our policies and management decisions and to play a role in preserving planet Earth.
  • To conscientiously walk and uphold the Values of Integrity, Humility, Respect and Accountability.